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3rd UAE International Gymnastika CUP 2024

May 17-19,  Al Nasr Sports Club, Dubai

On May 17-19, Dubai will host the 3rd UAE International Gymnastika Cup-2024, which has become a traditional event in the tournament calendar of gymnasts.

The organizer of the sporting event of world scale - Gymnastika RG Club - will once again please fans of rhythmic gymnastics and athletes with an unsurpassed level of holding, a stellar cast of participants, and professional judging teams. And for the spectators it will be a real gymnastic show on the best sports ground in Dubai.

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The Gymnastika RG Club from the very first tournament has raised the bar high enough in the preparation and organization of competitions in rhythmic gymnastics. 


Judge for yourself, the chief judge of UAE International Gymnastika Cup was the first Soviet Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics Marina Lobach. 

Marina Lobach.png

A wise approach to organization allowed to gather on the carpet athletes not only from Western countries, Eastern Arab states, and former Asian republics but also the strongest gymnasts from Belarus and Russia.

The silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Tokyo (2020) Dina Averina and her twin sister Arina, the bronze medalist of the 2020 Olympics Alina Gornosko, Anastasia Salos, Anastasia Guzenkova and Lala Kramarenko... The UAE International Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup in Dubai became almost the strongest in terms of the composition of participants in the competitive season 2022-2023.

In spring 2024, Dubai will once again welcome female athletes from around the world. The strongest gymnasts will take to the gymnastics carpet to show their beauty, grace and strength.

Book your ticket right now and get a direct surprise from the organizers of the competition!

Dear athletes, fans and supporters of rhythmic gymnastics, we look forward to seeing you at the most high-profile and prestigious event of the year - the 3rd UAE International Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup in Dubai.

The tournament will be held in the Al Nasr Sports Club. This is the most ideal venue in the UAE for a sporting event of this level and scale. Modern, maximally comfortable and convenient for both athletes and spectators. Everyone will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the harmony of movements, music and emotions.

The professional and international judging team, which has extensive experience at the World and European Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, will evaluate the skills of the participating gymnasts in an unbiased manner.

Apply today and prove to the whole world that your skills are worthy of the highest awards!

Become the heroes of your own history, competing against the strongest female athletes and leave your mark on the development of world gymnastics!


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Registration for spectators

Registration for participants


See you at the 3rd UAE International Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup in Dubai!

May 17-19,  Al Nasr Sports Club, Dubai

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